Creator & Dreamer. Born the 15th of August in 1979.

At three years of age, I drew a huge sun on a wall of my parents’ house and I have been creating ever since. Born in Granada, it is this sun that gives me the energy that you see reflected in my life not only as an artist, but also as a human being.

I design sculptures with functionality, inspired by nature, created under the premise “less is more” by Mies Van der Rohe and where the organic lines provide an essential natural beauty that emotions you and connects with yourself. All my creations have their own soul, they are pieces of art that you can enjoy and express a duality inherent in everything that exists, light and shadow, heaven and earth, life and death, Ying and Yang. Some of the pieces, like the Ginkgo or Coral Reef, are directly copies from nature, in metal, and although it seems to have nothing to do with my design style, they are the emotional base and meaning of my own style, with simple, elegant and organic shapes. I love to create also my own jewelry and summer dresses, and everything is connected to nature.

I work with sculptors and artisans to craft each piece because they have a unique approach to working with each material and a perfect understanding of the production process. Moreover, they contribute with their expert work, their soul to each creation.

I studied Fine Arts and Interior Design in Barcelona. Thanks to a grant, I moved to England. From 2006 to 2010, I lived in Nottingham and London, where I began to work with different architecture and interior design offices such as Lief Design, Martin Knox, Marsh and Grochowski Architects, Confetti Constellations and Philip Watts Design.

In my free time, I began to design furniture and I have been presenting my creations in some of the most important fairs in the world such as Milan, London, Paris, Madrid, etc.

Since then my designs have appeared in numerous specialized blogs, magazines, newspapers and books. In addition AUTUMN LEAF and S URBAN are international design awards.

In January of 2010 I returned to Spain to settle in Madrid and decided to start my own studio of unique piece and limited editions. In 2011 I launched my first design brand ENESSENTIA, and in 2013, together with Sergi Morella, we launched the definitive brand VERÓNICA MARTÍNEZ DESIGN.

Since then we have sold my designs worldwide. I have designed products for international companies such as  TRIBÙ, PORCELANOSA, LAB23, etc. And developed several interior design projects for private clients. I have also been a product design teacher at IED Madrid and EAAI Granada schools in Spain.

I am also currently working on my artistic career developing sculptures with ethereal and essential lines, under the artistic name of Verónica Mar. You can see my work at www.veronicamar.net.

And I continue to create unique pieces of design, only private commissions that I love, for customers around the world.